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About Ultrasound Algae control device.


The Ultrasonic device is a small unit, kept in the water body and it continuously emits ultrasound waves. A continuous supply of power is to be provided. These resonance vibrations due to the radiation of ultrasonic waves affect the algae in such a way that the gas vacuole in the alga cell collapses. The algae cell implodes and dies. This process of complete elimination takes about two or three weeks from the date of installation. Thereafter the growth of Algae is prevented.

Because of the methane gas in the algae, the latter float on the water surface and  eventually  the methane gas disappears and the dead algae sink to the bottom. Ultrasound is effective against all sorts of algae, such as: Thread algae – slime algae – brown algae – brush algae – beard algae – blue-green algae – etcetera  etc.

This device is also quite effective in managing bio film. The biofilm is a layer of bacteria covered in self-produced slime. This is the slippery layer we find on the walls and bottom of ponds. We can find a thin layer (of 10 to 20 microns) of biofilm on top of the water. Bacteria living in biofilms are much more resistant against toxic substances like antibiotics and disinfectants. Examples of this phenomenon are pathogenic organisms and bacteria. They multiply massively because of the nutrients available in the biofilm. Ultrasound causes the biofilm to disappear reducing the chance for the pathogens to survive. Another advantage is that the slippery layer also disappears. That is why ultrasound is extremely suitable for swimming ponds, cooling towers etc.

The ultrasound devices are environmentally friendly, relatively cheap to operate and completely free from any chemicals usage.

The ultrasonic waves are inaudible for human beings and they do not harm animals, fish and plants. This has been proven after lengthy experiments on both, fish pond and aquarium fish.


The transducer (metal cylinder) must always be installed horizontally.
There should be no obstacles in front of the transducer.

In shallow ponds (less than 50 cm deep) the signal is interfered with, causing the
device to lose about half of its normal effect.

The standard mains voltage for the device is in the range of 230V AC. 24 DC could also be provided, if required.

Before submerging the transducer in the water, the cable to the electronics box should be connected by means of the canon plug. Once the transducer has been connected, it can be submerged in the water ( to make sure it is under water) . Because the opening angle of the radiated ultrasonic waves is 180°, the transducer should be positioned close to a side bank or in a corner of the pond, so that it points out into the pond can reach and kill all the algae with its radiated ultrasonic waves.

The product range provides control of algae in large lakes and reservoirs.  The most powerful unit available today has a maximum range of 225 m at an angle of 240° from the face of the transducer, giving a treatment area of 10 hectares from just one unit.  These units offer remarkable value for money when compared to the price of other chemical or biological treatments for algae control. These units are warranty for 1 year and have a life expectancy in freshwater of 10 – 15 years.
Ultrasonic devices are ideal for use in water storage reservoirs where control of algae, fungi and bacteria are essential.
For a pond of 100 to 150 M length a single unit will be adequate to cover the entire surface. The consumption of power is of the order of 45 Watt. The system, once installed, virtually does not require any maintenance. The benefits are not only through algae reduction but also from the reduced deposits in the pipelines, pumps etc. after the unit is installed. This helps in reduction in cleaning frequencies of the pump system, pipelines and heat exchangers etc. and premature shut downs of the water circulating systems.
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