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                                                                                                MANAGING INNOVATION: Partnering for Innovation


Managing Innovation is technology driven organization managed by experienced Scientists & Engineers having expertise in diverse fields. The young company is committed to promote novel and innovative technologies to the market place.

Our efforts are devoted towards searching for novel technologies conceived in the laboratory and provide the technological support for industrial realization.

Our primary focus is to develop applications of ultrasound technology in the fields of chemical industry and water treatment, including algae control. Practical ultrasonic technologies require strong multidisciplinary research approach, spanning the key disciplines of Sonics, Electronics and Chemical Engineering. In addition, Fluidics, Thermal Engineering, Process Engineering and other disciplines play important roles in this opportunity niche.

Through our CLEARWATER SYSTEMS  we offer end-to-end solutions for recycling water with complete disinfection using ozone, UV and ultrasound systems. We supply ultrasound based algae control units for chemical free control of algae and bio film in ponds, water storage systems, cooling towers, decorative fountains etc.

We have developed high power cavitation ultrasound system for continuous sonication for diverse applications. Such reactors find application in many chemical reactions to enhance the rate of reaction, for preparation of nano particles or emulsions, water disinfection and sludge management. Managing Innovation is keen to work with Technology partners who are looking forward to application of Ultrasound Cavitation in their specific domain.




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