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Some basic information’s on Ultrasonic systems for algae control.

  These low power ultrasound systems just control the growth of algae by preventing the ability of algae to colonize and propagate. the mild vibration in the water also prevents the bio film from depositing on the filter elements and pipes. A general reduction of bacterial count is observed in the water if used continuously.


Application fields :

 Industrial Applications:

Cooling Tower, water reservoir, ETP water reservoir, fire water storage etc.

  • Reduced chemical consumption for water treatment – less chemical build up – less fresh water consumption
  • Reduction in bio film and no deposit on pumps, pipes and heat exchangers- less shutdown for cleaning-higher heat transfer
  • Cleaner water and no deposit on the reservoir wall.

Horticulture and agriculture:

  •  To prevent the deterioration of water quality during storage
  •  Automatic water sprinklers to prevent nozzle clogging
  • To reduce the microorganism counts in the water for growing higher percentage of healthy seedlings.

Fish farms :

  • Most fish farms and fish pools face the problem of excessive growth of  algae. Fish does not grow well in presence of excessive algae. Fish health improves significantly with the use of ultrasound system.

Cooling towers:

Most of the operating cooling towers small or, big suffer from dirty deposits and higher bacterial load in the circulating water. Ultrasound system in cooling tower sump helps in reduced chemical cost for treating recycled water and cleaning frequency of the cooling tower.

Our experience  in India with  Ultrasound System Ultra 150

Refinery Raw Water reservoir 50*25 Sq M :

Reduction of Organic Matter from 12 to 4%, clean wall of the reservoir, Hydrochloric acid, Chlorine and caustic consumption reduced in treatment stage.

Refinery Cooling Tower Sump 7*30 Sq M:  

60% reduction in monthly chlorine consumption, clea surface of cooling tower.

Eco Park 150*110 Sq.M:

Water turbidity was reduced from 110 NTU to about 55 NTU within one month, reduction of visible algae clusters, Algae bloom was controlled. No harm to fish or nesting birds was reported.

Clear Water Pond in Refinery   in 130*80Sq.M & 80*60Sq.M sections:

Significant reduction in floating algae  in both the sections within one month.

Fire water reservoir   150*160 Sq. M: 

Turbidity reduced by 77%,  Organic matter reduced by 8.4 %, 90% surface was free from visible algae, Low chemical consumption,  less biofilm deposits on pumps and nozzles.

Comparison of cost with other similar technologies:

In a cost comparison with UV, ozone or, aeration,  ultrasound is more costly for smaller ponds. However as the ponds get larger, ultrasonic units become more and more affordable..

The Advantages of Ultrasonic systems:

  • –         100% environmentally friendly
  • –          Harmless to all other life forms
  • –          Very low energy consumption
  • –          Solar installations possible
  • –          Low maintenance and operating cost
  • –          Usable in small and large surface area
  • –          Bio-film will dissolve and not reform
  • –          Huge reduction in chemical consumption
  • –          No more clogging of filters, drippers, etc by algae.

Services offered by Managing Innovation:

Provides complete solution and support from selection and supply of suitable unit, locating the point of installation to monitoring the performance and post installation service.

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