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Some basic information’s on Ultrasonic systems for algae control.

What are algae ?

Algae are one cellular, some species have own chlorophyll and are thus capable of producing their own food through photosynthesis. Algae can grow on other plants, in the air or, in the water. Algae can be circulated very easily in the air and water. Algae grow very fast and main elements for the growth are : light, food and temperature. Even at 4°C they can grow, the warmer the environment, the faster is the growth.. Ideal growing temperature is 27°C .

Types of algae:

  • String algae (filament algae)
  • Looks like a wire which is ‘fixed’ aside of the water
  • Floating algae
  • Float in the water (7-20μ diameter)
  • Blue algae are in fact cyanobacteria, but also killed by ultrasound

  Principle :

It is known for long that ultrasound can kill algae. The problem was that the power requirement for generating ultrasound wave was very high.

The major breakthrough came through the invention, where it was demonstrated, for the first time, that we can generate the ultrasound waves with only a very limited power consumption (max 50W).

 How does it work :

 Algae are killed by :

  •  Through breaking of the cell membrane for the algae close to the ultrasound source.
  •  Through breaking of the vacuoles when the frequency match with that of the ultrasound wave also through induced stress when the algae are present far away from the source.
  •  The special frequencies of ultrasound waves let the algae come under ‘resonance’ which induces stress and eventually leads to the rupture of the cell membrane.
  •  Several other microorganisms and bacteria are also killed due to the resonance with the Ultrasound waves.

Application fields :

 Industrial Applications:

Cooling Tower, Inlet water reservoir, ETP water reservoir

  • Reduced chemical consumption for water treatment – less chemical build up – less fresh water consumption
  • Complete elimination of bio film and no deposit on pumps, pipes and heat exchangers- less shutdown for cleaning-higher heat transfer
  • Cleaner water and no deposit on the reservoir wall.

Horticulture and agriculture:

  •  More and more rainwater To prevent the deterioration of water quality during storage
  •  Automatic water sprinklers to prevent nozzle clogging
  • To reduce the microorganism counts in the water for growing higher percentage of healthy seedlings.

Swimming and other pools and fountains

Fish farms :

  • Most fish farms and fish pools for pleasure have too much algae. Fish does not grow well in presence of excessive algae . By using ultrasonic systems the algae is kept under control.

Swimming Pools:

  • The chlorine consumption is reduced by about 70%
  • No surface deposit
  • Higher comfort levels for the users due to the absence of clorine itch.

Other major application areas of ultrasonic waves are:

  • Recreation lakes
  • Natural lakes
  • Waiting pools for drinking water
  • Large airco systems for buildings and offices
  • Ultrasonic treatment for overhead water tanks on the roof of the building complex .


Available systems for different types of applications


Available Models of Ultrasonic Algaecide

Sr. No. Model Description RangMeter Power   Watt
1 Ultra  – 10 Spa, Small Ponds, Overhead and Under Ground Tank , Fish aquarium 10 15
2 Ultra  – 25 Residential Swimming Pools, 25 20
3 Ultra – 50 Commercial pools, Ponds, Lake, Cooling Towers 50 25
4 Ultra – 100 Lake, Ponds,  reservoirs, Olympic size pools, 100 30
5 Ultra – 150 Lake, Ponds, 150 40

Comparison of cost with other similar technologies:

In a cost comparison with UV, ultrasound is more costly for smaller ponds. However as the ponds get larger, ultrasonic units become more and more affordable.. For example, the largest sonic system available will treat a multi-acre lake and cost around one tenth of the cost for treating the same amount of water with UV device.

The Advantages of Ultrasonic systems:

  • –         100% environmentally friendly
  • –          Harmless to all other life forms
  • –          Very low energy consumption
  • –          Solar installations possible
  • –          Low maintenance and operating cost
  • –          Usable in small and large surface area
  • –          Bio-film will dissolve and not reform
  • –          Huge reduction in chemical consumption
  • –          No more clogging of filters, drippers, etc by algae.

Services offered by Managing Innovation:

Provides complete solution and support from selection and supply of suitable unit, locating the point of installation to monitoring the performance and post installation service.


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